25 Nov 2012

Google Analytics Tool

Google Analytics Tool
This tool gives us the statistics of the traffic for our website, with the help of this tool, you can know the details of the traffic such as:
1. Source of the traffic (Search engines, Reference sites, Direct)
2. Keywords in search engine that bought the visitors to our site.
3.Region of traffic.
4.Browsers from which the traffic has come.
5.Avg. time spent by the visitor in our site.
6.Avg. number of pages visited by the visitors.
7.Search Engines from where the traffic has come.

The google analytics tool is present at the address www.google.com/analytics.

You can add as many sites as possible with just 1 google analytics account.

Adding your website in google analytics

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools: This is available at the address

This tool is designed for the SEO Experts, in this tool one can,
1.Submit the site and all its webpages to Google search engine.
2.You can analyse your site performance in the search engine.
3.You can check your site ranking for various keywords in the google search engine
4.You can check your website's keyword density
5.You can check your backlinks.
6.You can get suggestions to improve your site's visibility in search engines.
7.You can have control over the google visiting to your site.

SEO ON PAGE Optimization

ON PAGE Optimization : On page optimization involves changing the html code of the website's every page which wants to rank top in search engines.

It basically invloves changing of Meta tags, Title tags, Header tags, font decoration, image alternative text, etc...

Now, Firstly, choose set of keywords that are related to the content of your website.

Before we discuss about both the types of optimization, domain name and domain page urls make an important part in seo.

Things to know before you choose your website name:

1.See that your website or website page names are the  starting words of the 'keywords' you are targeting, a keyword is the search term in any search engine. Eg. 'Tollywood'   ---- 5 marks

The order of importance of html tags for SEO is arranged in the ascending order as follows :

Seo Optimisation for website

The primary and the most important task is to know what kind of site we are developing, what is the content in it and what are the search keywords we are targeting for the top ranking in search engines like google.

Step 1 : Choose your interested topic on which your are going to open a website and do seo to that website.

Step 2 : Choose the set of keywords, for which you want to rank top in search engines.

Seo Brief

SEO means Search Engine Optimization meaning optimizing (changing) website so as to rank top in search engines.

In seo there are 2 types :

1. ON Page Optimization : In this, the changes are made within the website to rank top in search engines like google
2. OFF Page Optimization : In this, the changes are made outside the website to rank top in search engines.